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Frequently Asked Questions, otherwise known as FAQ, are the most common questions asked by our  customers. We regularly update these pages so check here first when you are having a problem with something. Chances are…you’ll find the answer to your question.

Q: How Do I set up an email client?

A: These are example entries for your email client:

Server type is Pop3.

Incoming (pop3) Server:

*Outgoing (SMTP) Server: mail.

User Name:

*Your ISP may require that you use their SMTP server settings.  Please contact them for consultation.

Also; if your ISP requires that you have a secure connection for SMTP traffic, please contact us, we will send you the information for connecting securely.

Q: I just got a letter in the mail about renewing my domain. Is this something I should do?
A: The short answer is; No! Unless you ask for it, we will never send you information via the post office.  Please read the following article to learn more about this type of scam: Beware of Domain Registration Scams

Q: What types of use of my hosting service are not allowed?
A: Please read our Acceptable Use Policy.

Q: Who owns my domain name?
A: Click Here to find out more about domain names.

Q: What is Whois Privacy?
A: Click Here to find out about Whois Privacy and what it means to you.

Q: I have a FAQ topic suggestion…
A: Send us a message through our contact page.

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